Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-12

  • GaGa MAKES HER OWN TOMATO SAUCE ppl. It doesn't get more real than that. #
  • @MlleParagas Yes but how many people just judge and move on? Her interview with MTV was really deep! It shows she's not some stupid act. in reply to MlleParagas #
  • @MlleParagas You can watch it online just follow that link in my other tweet. in reply to MlleParagas #
  • zomg iOS5 looking amazing right now. everything i could have wished for… just waiting for easy access to settings! #
  • iMessage will be great for those with limited texting plans #
  • so I gather iCloud is what Mac OS Xs SyncServices was always supposed to become? #
  • woohoooo!!! #WWDC11 #
  • ok so iOS 5 and iCloud is a match made in heaven. i can confirm. #
  • Thank goodness for bittorent. And Apple, of course. #
  • Mommy just killed the biggest spider in my room. Props to her! #
  • 1- yes we are!
    2- this one was frikken huge. You would have cried. @VanayK in reply to VanayK #
  • Hadn't realized there was an XCode 4 was out of beta. Got it off the Mac App Store and I LOVE it! #

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