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Internet Access is so important. 3 short years and a half ago, I had 1 megabit per second download speeds on DSL. Then I had a technician come to my home and set up a dedicated line so that there would be no interference within my houses wiring, and my speeds increased to 2.5 mbps. I was fairly happy with this at the time. Except I still had trouble getting the modem to sync at that rate on occasion, so there were intermittent disconnections.

Then, my internet provider, Teksavvy (an independent ISP that resells service leased from the incumbent providers), began offering cable internet. Having already well understood the coaxial cabling of my house, I jumped on the cable offer as soon as I could. I gave up a 200 GB download cap for a 90 GB one. I was able to achieve this by switching from BitTorrent to Usenet, which instantly cut my usage in more than half. From that point on, I was rocking a respectable 7.5 mbps down. Gradually, the limit increased from 90 to 120 GB and the speed to 8 mbps.

I do go over my cap occasionally. In September I hit 155 GB. But usually, I hover around it. Teksavvy has never charged me a penny of overage, and I decided to take the plunge and increase my speed to 30 mbps, not knowing how reliable the service would be or if I would get that speed. I also did this because there was a recent CRTC (Canada’s telecom regulator) which should decrease prices for cable internet here in Quebec.

As it turns out, not only do I get 30 megabits down, but I get 60. See, Videotron (the incumbent provider) offers a 30 down/2 up 120GB tier, as well as a 60 down/3 up 150 GB tier, and it seems as though my line was provisioned by Teksavvy as the latter. I’m extremely happy, and now that I have a taste of freedom, there’s no way I would take any speed less than that. I can download a full HD TV episode in 2 and a half minutes. Having the entire content of the internet available to me in instants, I feel as though a door has been opened. In some cases, it’s as quick to download a file from the internet as it is to get it from a computer on my network. It’s revolutionary! The kind of services that can be offered at this speed boggle my mind… and I think it’s so important to have affordable, high speed internet (above 5 mbps). It should be considered  human right. Information wants to be free, and this calibre of internet service liberates it.

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