A really interesting mashup I (newly) call Dotmp4 that helps dump some clean files into iTunes, ready for Apple-friendly streaming.

Dotmp4 is a Mac app written in python that can be used to post-process AVI and MKV format TV shows and movies into proper Apple-compatible (mp4) formats, ideal for popping into iTunes.

It’s a little thing that’s grown naturally since spring 2008 and I thought that it could be useful for a lot of people out there, who may wish their downloaded (or otherwise obtained DRM-free) TV shows were properly tagged and in more widely-compatible format for any sort of Apple-friendly ecosystem, especially considering that it’s not just Apple who puts H.264 hardware decoders in their devices!

You can get the latest version over at It works very well using the command line interface, and a better GUI is coming soon. You can use the CLI by opening a Terminal window, and using the binary at

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